When you come and stay with us, we’ll show you the products we’ve chosen specially for you. Please feel welcome to visit our – colourful – suppliers!


He supplies our oranges and other breakfast fruit! You can see him every morning Chez Mouna… if you get up early enough!

St Antoine market from Tuesday to Sunday
Opposite Rue de l’Ancienne Préfecture – Lyon 2nd

Reynon, père & fils

For the best saucisson pistaché in the city!

Those who enjoy a savoury breakfast are very likely to find themselves heading for this boutique, with its traditional expertise and recipes, a few hours later….

13 Rue des Archers – Lyon 2nd

Charlie and… the cheese shop

France and its cheeses… it’s a sacred love story. Carole and Bertrand have teamed up to provide this astonishing range of flavours… to enjoy at breakfast time!

La Crèmerie de Charlie
9 Rue du Plat – Lyon 2nd


This is a family-run bakery, where savoir-faire has been passed down from father to son. They supply our granary loafs, traditional baguettes, croissants, pains au chocolat and praline brioches. Everything you need to get your day off to a good start… French style!

Maison Bettant
33 av. Henri Barbusse – 69100 Villeurbanne


Providing traditionally made fruit juices and nectars, together with jams that really taste of fruit,

Alain Milliat makes his produce just a few miles outside Lyon. And to complete the range, his hives produce our delicious honey that is perfect for mellow mornings.

Alain Milliat’s produce is available from the Epicerie Malleval
11 Rue Emile Zola – Lyon 2nd