Breakfast « Chez Mouna »

Breakfast is sacred!

Mouna is the affectionate name given to Nicole Renart by her grandchildren and Chez Mouna is the name her son has chosen for the breakfast area. This is a special moment in the hotel’s day, with the staff offering you produce from our local partners, including jams, honey, yoghurts and charcuterie.

In our hotel, all produce is fresh and delivered directly by our suppliers.

mouna_buffetThose who enjoy a savoury breakfast will love the charcuterie supplied by Georges Reynon, a specialist in saucisson pistaché (not to be missed during your visit).

Our cheese is supplied by our neighbours, Carole and Bertrand from the Crèmerie de Charlie, two colourful enthusiasts who will give you plenty of advice and take you on a cheese-flavoured Tour de France.

Those with a sweet tooth will not want to miss out on our classic pastries and the famous brioche aux pralines, so dear to our city. They all come from the Boulangerie Bettant, a real Lyon institution!

Finally, a special mention for our two fruit suppliers, Teddy, from St Antoine market, who brings us our daily basket of fresh fruit, and Alain Milliat, who is an expert in turning seasonal fruit into delicious nectars and jams.

Local production, local commitment

At the Globe&Cecil, we pay particular attention to the issue of sustainable development. Eating local products is just as important for our environment as managing the consumption of water and energy, which we have been doing for years. So our suppliers are all based near the hotel, mostly in the Presqu’ile, in the centre of Lyon.