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More than 10 years of loyalty, more than a team, a true family !

At Globe & Cecil, there is no place for standardisation, nor pre-made sentences : every one of us welcomes you in his own way !

When you arrive, you will be welcomed by Lise-Marie, Manon, Adeline or Pierre-Alexandre, and even sometimes by Mathilde !

In the afternoon, you may get a chance to meet Isabelle, orchestra conductor, in charge of coordinating all the services together, whereas in the morning, there will more likely be Véronique.

If you get a room on the 5th floor, Sadina will have taken care of it. On the 4th floor, certainly Saïda, on the 3rd, it will be Micheline, on the 2nd Paola, and on the 1st floor… One of these four amazing people ! By night, Arnaud or Abdou will take care of welcoming you warmly.

In the breakfast room, Fatou will bring your coffee and you may notice Lorraine preparing the new promotion campaign of the hotel.

Finally, you will most certainly bump into Loïc, between two meetings, responsible of all this small world.

Loïc,Executive entrepreneur,

He is watching over the hotel like over the history of his family. Loïc is also an entrepreneur that knows how to keep up with the times.
His favourite place : Les Puces du Canal, in Villeurbanne
His favourite delicacy : Chocolate fondant, but without Chantilly cream !
For Loïc, Globe & Cecil is like home.
Véronique,Conductor of your daily life

She is more of a morning person and she knows the hotel like the back of her hand.
Her favourite place : The Place des Célestins, in Lyon, with its blooming magnolias
Her favourite delicacy : The Rosette de Lyon
Isabelle,Conductor of your daily life

Isabelle, on the other hand, is more of an afternoon person and her laugh is contagious.
Her favourite place : The Parc de la Tête d’Or, in Lyon
Her favourite delicacy : Aunt Hélène’s nectarine and pine nut pie

Kindness and availability are her watchwords.
Her favourite place : Old Lyon
Her favourite delicacy : Mushroom risotto
For Paola, Globe & Cecil is “a family hotel”.

Her favourite place : The Parc de la Tête d’Or, in Lyon
Her favourite delicacy : Oriental pastry
For Saïda, Globe & Cecil is “a part of her life”

She roam the corridors of the hotel since more than 30 years and knows every tiny secret of them… But shhh… She is very secretive and will never tell a word !
Her favourite delicacy : Ferrero Rocher
For Micheline, the Globe & Cecil is “a workplace she loves”.
Adeline,Advices - Reception
Conseil – Accueil

You will be delighted by her sweetness and empowered by her enthusiasm !
Her favourite place : The Jardin des Chartreux, in Lyon
Her favourite delicacy : Mirabelle pie
For Adeline, the Globe & Cecil is “a cocoon”.
Lise-Marie,Advices - Reception

Sparkling and dynamic, she bends over backwards for your service !
Her favourite place : The Esplanade de Fourvière, in Lyon
Her favourite delicacy : Literally every pie.
For Lise-Marie, Globe & Cecil is a “family hotel”.
Pierre-Alexandre,Advices - Reception

He is the “man for the job” at each moment of your stay.
His favourite place : The Quai du Rhône, in Lyon
His favourite delicacy : Andouillette, with Mustard Sauce.
For Pierre-Alexandre, the Globe & Cecil is “a jovial and friendly hotel”.
Manon,Advices - Reception

Ready for anything in order to help you and make you have a wonderful stay !
Her favourite place : The Parc de la Tête d’Or, in Lyon, but during the Fall (too crowded during the summer)
Her favourite delicacy : Chestnut cream
For Manon, Globe & Cecil is a hearty hotel.

Our last little housekeeping fairy, but never the last to joke.

Her favourite place : The Place de l’Hôtel de Ville, in Lyon
Her favourite delicacy : An enormous strawberry cake
For Sadina, the Globe & Cecil is a workplace where we feel good.

His favourite place : The slopes of Croix Rousse, and the viewpoint from the Gros Caillou
His favourite delicacy : Strawberry pies !

Globe & Cecil is “the perfect place to enjoy ourselves” for Arnaud.
Abdou,Night Watchman

He watches over your tranquillity.
His favourite place : The campus football pitch
His favourite delicacy : Thiebe (an African speciality)
For Abdou, the Globe & Cecil is a 4-star establishment with a brilliant service.
Fatou,The Queen of the Breakfast ! She will be your first warm ray of sunshine in the morning !
Her favourite place : The Parc de la Tête d’Or, in Lyon
Her favourite delicacy : Macaroons !
For Fatou, Globe & Cecil is “a fantastic hotel” !
Mathilde,She navigates through the storeys to ensure everything is perfect for your arrival !
Her favourite place : Her calm country house
Her favourite delicacy : Salami !
For Mathilde, the Globe & Cecil is a hearty and friendly workplace.
Margaux,Sales department - Reception

She lives a perfect double life between reception and sales department !
Her favourite place : The Passerelle Saint Georges
Her favourite delicacy : Lemon pie !
For Margaux, Globe & Cecil is a hotel full of History.
Noémie,Purchase and Supply Responsible

She is always looking for details that can bring a unique touch to our hotel!
Her favourite place : A mountain cabin !
Her favourite delicacy : Nutella Crepes
For Noemie, Globe & Cecil is “an unconventional hotel”.


Never hesitate to contact us! We will endeavour to deal with your requests in a timely manner.


Gloe & Cecil
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