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To think about the space and time for you… To be in the moment.

The moment : this time well nested between past and future, this tiny element that constitutes time itself, relatively short whatever its absolute length, is so Precious.

To slow down, to decelerate, to stop, between the movement of the city and life in general, to gather this moment, here and now, that is our ambition.

Each establishment of our collection is unique : a place of local life, snuggled in its environment, fruit of the fusion of stories, rooted in its neighbourhood, drawn in indelible ink… It is a succession of precious moments that confers its uniqueness. From the crossing of the threshold emerges the ampersand, a symbol of the confluence between the place and the Man, that is our calling.

To awake our hosts’ curiosity, to arouse, to create, to kindle, to nurture, to trigger, to stimulate… To provoke surprise, to offer authentic stories, to incarnate hospitality at all times, in every scheme, every object, through our services, that is our quest !

To be committed to feel the present moment, to lose all sense of time becomes the way to feel eternity. To live the moment, approach the time from a different angle invite us to invent multiple narratives… to write our own itinerary, to draw our own life, to pay attention to ourselves and to the other.

Our places are like sparks, designed to awake the moment and to foster encounters… to connect with each other. This encounter moment is precious, because it gives birth to every relationship !

Authenticity incarnate – Hospitality first – Awakener of moments

Photo de l'esprit precious time - hotel à lyon Globe&Cecil


Never hesitate to contact us! We will endeavour to deal with your requests in a timely manner.